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citizen 2013 models stiletto eco drive attesa Eco Drive online shop Welcome

citizen 2013 models eco drive band There is a case of sold out already the product.citizen atv53-2934

citizen 2013 models stiletto eco drive

citizen 2013 models Pro master will give you best performance where ever you are, even you are at land, sea, or sky.citizen promaster eco-drive

by0065-00e The Citizen Pro master has strong robustness and endurance, from top coat technology that citizen has. American Army and Air force are also using this watch.

This runs in a worth environment with safety and reliability by Eco drive radio time signal. That is also why there are fans all over the world.

No need to change battery, by Eco drive system using solar cell. If there is margin energy, it will be charged to the sub battery. Citizen Pro master is the worlds first Eco mark product. It doesn’t include organic matter in sub battery and also manufacturing process.

citizen 2013 models eco drive satellite wave  ladies watches eco drive The antenna for eco drive radio time signal is built-in the full metal case. This makes a thin body becoming.

Citizen Pro master had a image of “sports watch”citizen marinaut before, but now it will provide you high quality designs with full metal body.citizen automatic watch

One more charm is accuracy. It receives electric wave of the most high sensitivity, defend it from against magnetic field, immediately revise gap by shock. It will show you correct time by high reliability Citizen technology.citizen promaster titanium

ladies eco drive citizen watches The clockface is calculated like an airplane cockpit, and chopped finely seems to express the originally model of watches.

Citizen Pro master will keep attracting fans. It will keep the highest performance with innovation.

Pro master Sale of series was started.

It is for details here.

attesa Sale of series was started.

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this site is citizen best watches eco drive watches online for sale site

ecodrive black what are eco drive watches?

Refers to the mechanism of a clock which moves to convert light to electrical energy and "Eco-Drive". Power generation by a built-in solar cells to generate electricity by light strikes, the cell is exposed to light, I move the watch. In addition, the excess electrical energy is stored in the (※ 1) rechargeable batteries. Further, there is no need for battery replacement its plans containing no metal harmful to the secondary battery to be used, further, and does not use hazardous substances in the manufacturing process, as the name suggests, very from the viewpoint of ecology We have obtained a high reputation, as a watch was certified "Eco Mark" for the first time. bulova festina timex miyota citizen cheap watches

Is there something about your purchase anxiety?

I would like to get rid of your doubts.

Please contact. Thank you.citizen eco drive leather


citizen eco watches for women watch alterna wicca ATTESA from Japan. To the world from Japan by a safest and quick method. CITIZEN japanese watch is sale. When you have any questions about our materials to be handed, please. Be unreserved and send a message to us it corresponds to FRIENDLY. It is We accept requests of the alterna wicca ATTESA watch has not been sold in this shop. I will gladly respond to your request. Please contact me. $ 12 flat shipping. delivery will be in ems. I will present the price eco drive diamond

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youhei arimatsu from japan susai 701-2503 It is the place in which I live.

citizen stiletto eco drive EXCEED BY0065-00E review watch buy for sale

citizen stiletto eco drive EXCEED BY0065-00E review watch buy for sale
citizen EXCEED BY0065-00E review eco drive watch buy for sale
BY0065-00E Item condition new in box
BY0065-00E Delivery beginning 5/31
BY0065-00E Movement Eco-drive
BY0065-00E Display Analog
BY0065-00E Shipping citizen
BY0065-00E Delivery Seller ships within 10 days after
BY0065-00E payments
BY0065-00E Returns 14 days money back,buyer pays return shipment.


citizen EXCEED BY0065-00E review eco drive watch buy for sale Description


BY0065-00E Citizen is the dress watch for adult based on accuracy of quality, and the refined design, and a model which carries an optical power generation ecological-drive radio-controlled clock (*1) from Citizen "EXCEED(Xceed)". It puts on the market from May 16 by 500 quantity limitation.


BY0065-00E Special model design Exceed chic accents and white butterfly shell of dial, titanium case which has been subjected to some DLC, summarized in monotone entire features. Crocodile leather band with a polished, further brings out the feeling of luxury.BY0065-00E Eco-Drive power generation as well as the light does not need periodic battery replacement, receiving radio waves in the world of four areas, in terms of functionality, the operation is also equipped with world time "direct flight"BY0065-00E simple. Though it is multi-functional, it is a limited edition model that produces chic style, such as a formal suit.DLC and white butterfly shell, featuring monotone design with luxury


BY0065-00E Design Monotone design DLC shellfish and white butterfly accent, monotone design that combines a whole, creating a chic grown-up.Luxury Use dial to selection of a natural white butterfly shell, polished carefully. In outer peripheral portion decorated with white butterfly shell which has been subjected to a ring-shaped BY0065-00E thin stripe pattern, in the center.To express profound knowledge delicate luxury and delicate parts that require case by ring which is placed between the bezel and case, processing complex.Technology Direct flight Pull crown, turn disc Select the city of 4 o'clock. Disk needle moves and agility at touch of this two-step, to display the time and calendar in 26 cities and UTC world, world time clock radio. Is easy to fix in time and travel overseas business trip.Titanium Adopted in case "Titanium" with the property "rust resistant"BY0065-00E friendly "skin" "(about 40% lighter than stainless steel) light."BY0065-00E By applying "(※ 2) De~yuratekuto" surface hardening technique unique Citizen, while delivering a hardness of more than five times presence or absence of two Chita net, we have to protect the beauty of finish and shine of case.BY0065-00E Sapphire glass Coated with 99% Clarity (※ 3), BY0065-00E spherical sapphire glass to ensure high visibility is also excellent in durability and stain resistance.


1BY0065-00E Eco-drive radio clock: BY0065-00E in photovoltaic watch does not require battery replacement on a regular basis, Eco-Drive is a function of Citizen brand. I was recognized as "Eco Mark" for first time with a watch. I receive the standard radio wave transmitted from radio transmitting station, radio clock and automatically corrects time calendar regularly. ※ 2 BY0065-00E Dyuratekuto: Hard technology of its own citizen BY0065-00E. To increase surface hardness of the metal, such as titanium and stainless steel, with excellent abrasion resistance, to protect the watch body from scratches and small scratches, BY0065-00E is a general term for technology to keep for a long time shine of material ※ 3 BY0065-00E 99% Clarity coating: (99% transmittance), was easy to see dial of the clock to ensure high visibility to suppress the reflection of light by multilayer structure coating the silicon workpiece on both sides of sapphire glass . Also, BY0065-00E is hard to be damaged, and water-repellent membrane to prevent dirt on surface, and improved stain resistance and durability. ※ 4 BY0065-00E Per fetch box multi 3000: high sensitivity receive radio signals sent from four areas of Japan, America, Europe and China. Can also be about 3,000 km radius of the sphere is received from transmitting station of Colorado in United States in particular. Support the accuracy of radio clock equipped with the Perfex further. Perfex: a feature of the Trinity "JIS 1 seed Anti-magnetic", "shock detection function" and "needle automatic correction function",BY0065-00E is the advanced technology of its own citizen that enabled a more accurate time display of eco-drive radio clock.




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Citizen THE CITIZEN CTQ57-0934 Chronomaster

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